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Welcome to our home on the web. Come on in, walk around and let us entertain you for a while. If you found us because you've seen us play then you know something about us already...if not...well, just brush the sheet music off that bench, sit down and let us fill you in.

We are 9 Chicago boomers, professional types mainly, who love to play the music we love. You most likely won't find too much Def Leppard or Black Sabath, but you might find Talking Heads, Beatles, Bonnie Raitt, and Van Morrison.


The band's roots can be traced to the immediate aftermath of Steve's annual Fourth of July pyrotechnics display when John, Steve, Angie, Gary, Mike Gertz, Karen, and bottle of Cuervo made it to John's basement for a late night jam session.

All recordings of the event have been destroyed and, mercifully, Karen has little recollection. Enter Tim. John’s son, Patrick, was forming a band and heard that Tim’s son, Kenny, played guitar. They called it Minor Chaos and started playing in John’s basement. (Minor Chaos periodically tours with Not for Profit) Not satisfied with being their sons' roadies and moneymen, John and Tim said “Hell, we should play, too!” John’s neighbor, Steve, was itching to get back to the Lyons’ basement to bang his drums. Gary, unfulfilled with just saving lives, eagerly jumped back in as well. After John persuaded her to lower her standards, the band’s secret weapon, John’s lovely wife Angie, offered up her undeniable singing talents and stage allure to the mix. Finally, Jim joined the mix after spontaneously performing with John at Pete Kearney's 40th birthday party (to the chants of "more Grateful Dead"). After spending thousands of dollars on musical equipment, and making Guitar Center's 1st quarter of 2007, we were off to the races!!

So we started putting things together, practicing way past bedtime and making more noise than Minor Chaos. Like most bands, we struggled with naming the group. Because we play primarily to raise money for worthy causes, and because we have each spent far more on new equipment than we can ever hope to recover, we came up with the name "Not for Profit.” As the band’s name suggests, we’re not in it for the money: we are definitely keeping our day jobs. Just the adoration of our fans is enough! Making people smile and dance and generally feel good works for us.

It became clear that, for a lot of material, having a horn section would take the band to the next level. Between Angie’s connections with her jazz combo, The Angie Lyons Group, and Gary’s blues/R&B connections, we hooked up with The Greedy Blasters! The GB’s are made up of Robb Calabro on sax, Norm Friede on trombone and Mitch Goldman on trumpet. Come read and see about all of us. They definitely have taken us to a new level.

One of the things that has made this so much fun is finding out all the hidden talents of our friends and neighbors. We love to have guests come up and help us out on songs and show off their incredible talents. Steve Fox has a fantastic voice and helps us out on a couple numbers when he is in the house. Melinda Vajdic is our guest floutist and makes it a marvelous night for a Moondance. Steve’s wife, the lovely Karen, is our go-to gal on the cowbell. She keeps us all in line and on beat (and avoids Cuervo like the plague).

[We enlist your help in persuading one of the original founding members, Mike Gertz, to get off his ass and learn one song to sing with the group. We'll post his cellphone number as soon as it becomes available for the "Get Off Your Ass" dial-in campaign]


Want to know where we will be playing soon? Check out our CALENDER OF EVENTS

Our band logo was designed by Tim’s brother, Jay, and is making fashion history in Deerfield, Illinois (soon to be global!). We have several versions of band t-shirts that can be purchased (thus far, we are selling them at a loss, but maybe we will make it up on volume!). Soon we will have more merchandise available on the site.

Rock and roll will never die! Soon we will have some of our material available for download: check out these cuts.

Does your next event desperately need some rock, R&B, blues, country and soul? You can book Not for Profit for your next fundraiser, wedding, corporate event or backyard party (but the cops will come, for sure). Here's how you can book us.



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